We are facing a major shift in mobility in the coming years and e-bikes and speed pedelecs are an integral part of this change. Specialized is one of the largest high-end bicycle brands world-wide and has invested significantly in assisted cycling, resulting in a complete Turbo line of price-winning e-bikes and speed pedelecs. The Turbo models range from the comfortable Como bicycles to the fast and incredibly agile Vado line. The most recent addition is the extremely popular Vado SL (superlight), a low weight but long-range bicycle that will allow you to cruise cities or go off-road and anything in between.


VISKERcycles carries all these models but takes even more pride in offering excellent service and support. We also sell the accessories that are much welcomed by the Dutch cycling commuter, such as high-end brand Rapha garments for summer and winter and Thule bags and backpacks to safely transport paperwork and office electronics.

It now is attractive to lease an e-bike or speed-pedelec as a consequence of the Dutch tax incentives, also for those who already lease a car. In collaboration with major car importer Pon, VISKERcycles offers full operational or financial lease opportunities. And after three years of lease you can buy your bike at an incredible discount. In order to calculate your monthly costs, try our lease calculator below. 


Specialized bicycles dominate road cycle as well as mountain bike racing. This experience is incorporated in the e-bike and speed pedelec models, offering a much better handling than competitors. Our customers like the “look” of our bikes but appreciate the “feel” even better. In contrast to most competitors, that use off-the-shelve components, Specialized has its own development center in Switzerland.  This allowed the development of very light but powerful and reliable motors, and many other innovations, such as fenders that will keep you really dry. Using the Specialized mission control app riders can adjust or fine-tune the motor settings, and will never be confronted with an empty battery. 







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